Ronaldo May Face FIFA Fines

HesGoalMarch 29, 2021

LONDON: Cristiano Ronaldo may face action from the International Football Association (FIFA) following an angry reaction after his winning goal against Serbia in Belgrade, yesterday was not counted.

Ronaldo pushed the ball past the goal line in the final minutes of the match to make it 2-2, however he was frustrated by match officials exacerbated by the absence of goal-scoring technology (GLT).

The goal was not counted at once causing Ronaldo to shout at the assistant referee before throwing the captain’s circumference over the pitch before leaving the pitch.

Corriere dello Sport reported that the 2016 European Championship winner could face punishment from FIFA if the governing body described the action as ‘offensive or a form of violence’.

Article 11 of the Disciplinary Code clarifies’ actions that offend or violate the principle of ‘fair play’ before further content is presented to the media.

It states ‘associations or teams, including players, officials or any members on duty must abide by the Laws of Football, FIFA Statutes and FIFA rules, directives, guidelines, notices and decisions, as well as adhere to the principles of fair play, loyalty and integrity.’

However, it has not been determined whether Ronaldo violated Article 11 law.

If he is found guilty, the Explica report mentions Article 12 which describes the punishment involved, which is the suspension of at least one match or a certain period for not practicing sportsmanship against opponents or anyone other than match officials.