Owen: Mane, Salah Sabotaging Each Other

HesGoalMarch 6, 2021

LONDON: Liverpool legend Michael Owen made a sensational allegation when he accused Sadio Mane of avoiding a penalty for not wanting his team -mate Mohamed Salah to score.

The wild allegations came after the English Premier League (EPL) defending champions suffered their fifth consecutive defeat at Anfield this season when they lost 1-0 at the hands of Chelsea.

Strange allegations from former gold shoe winner Owen about Mane not going into the penalty box as he is believed to know that Salah is the top choice player to take Liverpool’s kick.

In fact, Mane’s action that did not fall after being abused by Chelsea defender, Andreas Christensen after receiving a pass from Trent Alexander-Arnold was also disputed by Owen.

“That was roughness and he probably thought he was going to get the finish, but he did something similar last week (against Sheffield United),” Owen told Optus Sport.

“I was just wondering, and there might be a little bit of evil thought going on in my head, Mo Salah is the penalty taker in this team.

“If he (Mane) thinks he’s got a chance to score, he thinks ‘I’ll score, if I don’t keep standing, Mo Salah will get another penalty.’

“Both were previous gold shoe winners but they did not make a pass even though both were in a good position to score,” he said.