Mourinho: My Way Still The Best

HesGoalFebruary 22, 2021

LONDON: Jose Mourinho insists he is still the best manager in the world despite Tottenham’s performance plummeting after a 2-1 defeat to West Ham.

Mourinho’s side have lost five of their last six league games and hopes of finishing in the top four in the English Premier League are fading.

Speculation about Mourinho’s future is also escalating where he may be fired in the near future.

Tottenham were at the top of the league in mid-December, but since then they have only won three of their 13 league games, and hopes of qualifying for the Champions League are now only by winning the Europa League.

After being sacked while handling Chelsea for the second time, and then released by Manchester United, Mourinho is said to have passed his heyday.

The conservative tactics of the two-time Champions League winners were said to be outdated, but Mourinho firmly defended his game philosophy.

“No, not at all. Sometimes the results of the match are the result of some situation in football and the way I and the coaching staff are the best in the world,” said Mourinho.

However, Mourinho’s method only produced a series of worse results than the performance that caused Mauricio Pochettino to be sacked in 2019.

But Mourinho insists Tottenham, who are nine points behind fourth-placed West Ham, have not had a crisis.

“I do not know what you mean by crisis. If crisis is frustration and sadness in the dressing room, I agree because we are all unhappy and it looks in the game.

“I do not consider it a crisis, it is just a series of bad results. It is very clear. We lost too many matches,” he said.