Mourinho Cries When Eriksen Collapse

HesGoalJune 14, 2021

LONDON: Jose Mourinho has revealed that he cried after seeing Christian Eriksen fall during the match between Denmark and Finland, yesterday.

A frightening situation could be witnessed when Eriksen had to receive emergency breathing assistance (CPR) and was carried out, before being sent to hospital for further treatment.

However, Eriksen’s condition returned to stable at the hospital and the player managed to contact his teammates before the action resumed.

Mourinho, who was once Eriksen’s manager at Tottenham Hotspur, described it as a ‘day of celebration’ following positive news about the midfielder’s condition.

“I still can’t forget what happened yesterday. I believe God also looked at football at that time.

“All of that allows Christian to be with us, his family and survive. That’s more important than football, but I believe this also shows the value of good football.

“A sense of love, solidarity and family spirit. This is not just his family, but the football family. Football unites us all.

“I prayed and cried yesterday, but how many millions of people did the same ?.

“Yesterday, football united us for another reason, but now we can celebrate it because Christian is still alive.”