Maguire Remain Captain Of Manchester United

HesGoalSeptember 13, 2020

LONDON: Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed Harry Maguire will remain captain of Manchester United despite his involvement in the Mykonos detention incident.

The 27-year-old England defender faces retrial after being sentenced to life in prison on charges of fighting, assaulting authorities and attempted corruption.

Still, Solskjaer remains loyal to him and is happy that the England international will continue to lead the team.

Speaking to MUTV, Solskjaer said: “He leads (the team) very well and, of course I will be here to support him. He will be our captain.”

Officers who detained him in the fight incident claimed Maguire issued abusive words to police as they tried to detain the United player.

Opening his mouth after silence, Harry told the BBC: “I did nothing wrong.”

Maguire claimed the plainclothes police beat him repeatedly and mocked him by saying “your career is over, no more football, you can no longer play”.