Liverpool Frustrated With Referee

HesGoalJanuary 18, 2021

LIVERPOOL: Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson admits the player is ‘unhappy’ with referee Paul Tierney after a 0-0 draw against Manchester United.

Jurgen Klopp’s squad failed to break the deadlock at United’s defense near Anfield and went through three games in a row without scoring.

They did however have a great chance to take the lead in the first half if Tierney did not blow the whistle five seconds earlier in the extra five minutes of the first half.

Liverpool striker Sadio Mane was able to escape behind United’s defense to receive a long pass but the match officials blew a whistle before the pass was made to anger the hosts.

Henderson, who plays on center-back due to injury to the team, said the Liverpool player was ‘disappointed’ when the whistle was blown earlier.

“We are not as happy about it as you can imagine. Strange, very strange,” England midfielder told Sky Sports.

“He can bring it to the goal if the whistle is not blown. I do not know. We were disappointed in the first half, but there was plenty of time for us to score another goal but we lacked quality in the second half.”

Liverpool fans were also outraged by Tierney’s actions with one of them via twitter saying: “I’m really angry. There’s no reason here. There are 6 seconds left. You can’t blow the whistle as long as time runs out.”