Georgina: Ronaldo Happy In Manchester

HesGoalJanuary 14, 2022

Manchester: Georgina Rodriguez insisted he was happy in Manchester after Cristiano Ronaldo was reportedly worried about his return to Old Trafford would end up with a tragedy.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus striker was reportedly disappointed with the Manchester United Board who made the ‘uncertain’ decision and admitted it would only receive the finish of the three best for United in the Premier League (EPL).

However, Georgina, who is also a couple of spouses to Ronaldo, said they were very ‘grateful’ with a new life in Manchester and there was no ‘grievance’.

Model from Spain, who became the mother of the four Ronaldo’s mother, admitted to being happy to live in England after announcing it to give birth to his twins in an interview, last month.

He who had worked in Bristol had previously described his return to the United Kingdom (UK) as a ‘great opportunity’.

In the latest interview published after the speculation of Cristiano will leave Old Trafford, Georgina said his heart remained lined in Manchester.

When asked about how he adapted to the change after staying in Madrid and Turin, he said: “I do not think much change because everything is quite like Italy and we have a great home.

“What’s better is now we live close to the children of children, unlike in Italy.

“I do not see much difference. When you move with a family, you will feel more comfortable.

“There is no grievance for now. We are very grateful,” he added