De Bruyne PFA Player Of The Year

HesGoalSeptember 10, 2020

LONDON: Kevin De Bruyne praised Pep Guardiola’s influence after being named the first Manchester City player to be named Professional Footballers of the Year (PFA).

Another player was nominated for the PFA award dominated by Premier League champions Liverpool with five players while Manchester United player Marcus Rashford received the award for his role in fighting poverty among children.

City are 18 points behind Liverpool in the 2019/20 season but De Bruyne, who scored 13 goals and 20 assists, was voted the best last season.

“It’s a great honor, to be voted on by fellow players, rivals from other teams you always meet on the field. They voted for you for the title of best player, it’s amazing,” De Bruyne said.

“It may be weird because I was the first in City, seeing all the best players playing there before and still playing. But it’s a good thing to represent the club.”

The Belgian midfielder praised Guardiola’s influence for giving him the freedom to shine during the 2018/19 season when he was also injured.

“We always talk about the team but he knows when he gives instructions on what the team needs to do, I will listen,” De Bruyne said.