Arsenal Fans Want Arteta Out

HesGoalAugust 25, 2021

LONDON: Mikel Arteta was harassed by Arsenal supporters outside the Emirates Stadium following a 0-2 defeat at the hands of Chelsea, yesterday.

The Gunners have now suffered defeats in two Premier League games so far with goals from Romelu Lukaku and Reece James in the first half ensuring victory for Thomas Tuchel’s side.

In the first game of the season at the Emirates, Arsenal fans took the opportunity to express their frustration when taunting the players after the end of the first half and as soon as the final whistle sounded.

A handful of them then vented their anger on Arteta as the manager was on his way home.

Arteta’s car was blocked with a handful of supporters knocking on the driver’s side window and demanding that the Spanish manager resign.

A supporter said: “Arteta, is it good enough? Please leave this club.”

Another said: “Arteta, please go.”

Speaking after the match, Arteta admitted Chelsea deserved the win but still praised the line -up of players who fought until the end of 90 minutes of the game.